Speaker Bio

Juliette joined Lalilo in March 2017 as the Business Development Manager and as Lalilo’s first employee. Juliette has since changed her title to “Teacher Cheerleader,” as she has been integral in increasing Lalilo’s impact on students and teachers in schools worldwide, growing the user base from a single teacher in March 2017 to over 10,000 teacher-users in 3,000 schools today. Since the release of the first version of the Lalilo app six months ago, Lalilo has reached 50,000 children in 5 countries around the world. Juliette has also supported the growth of the Lalilo team to 20 employees, across two continents, who are committed to redefining and redesigning the way children use technology to support and enhance their reading development.

Lalilo is a French-American edTech startup developing a web-based app for primary classrooms that differentiates reading instruction in English and in French using artificial intelligence. Children in grades kindergarten through 2nd work through self-paced and targeted exercises to develop and practice essential early literacy skills. Lalilo also aims to create a valuable tool for teachers in making their work more efficient and effective in the areas of data reporting, grouping students, and providing individualized extension exercises. The Lalilo team believes that the personalized technology experience can end illiteracy.

Juliette started her professional career working at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, where she explored how traditional capitalistic models could be applied to some of the poorest and fastest developing countries in the world. She holds a MSc in Management from EMLyon Business School.

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