Speaker Bio

Ms. Sujata Saunik belongs to the Indian Civil service and is currently the Takemi Fellow in the T H Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University. She has served in several key departments in her long and distinguished career spanning 29 years in the state of Maharashtra, India. Her most recent assignments were in Public Health and Financial Reform departments. She has previously served at the federal level in New Delhi in the Women and Child Ministry and Disaster management wing of Home Ministry. She was also selected to represent India in two international missions with the United Nations, the first being UNTAC in Cambodia in 1992-93 to conduct voter registration leading to the first democratic elections post conflict and the second to UNMIK as civil administrator heading an international team of experts in Kosovo from 2000-2005. Her tasks included post conflict reconstruction and reconcialiation. She has extensive experience in raising funds for project work, building partnerships and collaborations to bring experts and academia together for evidence based policy initiatives. Her recent journey through Public Health gave her an insight into the issues and challenges faced by Government and the need to have a more scientific and analytical approach to policy setting. While at Harvard, she will be doing research on return on investment in the health sector to improve her skills to design health care systems which are equitable, universal and serve the needy at a cost that is sustainable.

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