Innovative financing

Panel 4: Innovations in Financing for Development

In response to projected decreases in multilateral and bilateral aid budgets, as well as the need for more nimble and responsive financing schemes, several innovative financing mechanisms have emerged. These include new market-based methods of raising development finance, conditional debt forgiveness schemes, and more. This panel will debate the opportunities and challenges presented by these innovations, and their place in the future of development.

Panel 5: Silicon Valley meets Philantrophy

How have Silicon Valley entrepreneurs changed philanthropy? This panel explores how the founders of Microsoft, Napster, Facebook and other disruptive companies have applied the tech culture and their own interests to their philanthropic activities. In particular, we will debate how they have built on data science and the disciplined search for breakthrough solutions to develop their giving strategies, as well as how radical collaboration, open source culture and design thinking can improve philanthropic results.

Panel 6: Democracy and the future of development

Are democracies on the decline, and if so, what does this mean for development? Until the early 2000s, common wisdom predicted that economic development would lead developing nations to embrace liberal democracy. Conversely, democracies have been seen as more conducive to social and economic inclusion and respect for human rights. However, recent experiences have challenged these notions. Is democracy an obstacle or prerequisite to economic development? How should development practitioners work around about these issues in the future? This panel will delve into the lessons learned from current cases, including Venezuela's economic and human crisis, Brazil and India’s struggle for economic growth while promoting a culture of respect for human rights, the Chinese regime’s autocratic consolidation of power domestically and as a global leader abroad.

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